artificial turf brisbane

The first use of artificial grass was reported back in 1960s. Since then this grass is a popular alternative of the original grass. The artificial grass in australia is available in different colours, density, and pile height that match to the natural specifications. It is for this close similarity that people starting using the unnatural grass for both domestic and commercial purposes. Here is how this kind of grass is being used all over the world.

  • Domestic gardens

The most popular use of the synthetic grass is in the domestic gardens.  For those the lush green appearance is essential all through the year this is a great choice.  The home owners after understanding the pros and cons of this alternative to natural grass many home owners have started trying it in their premises. It is hard to say that it does not require any maintenance but it is not completed exempted as to some extent you need to give extra attention to your unnatural grass in the backyard.  It is perfect for not just the open air gardens but extremely helpful in case of balcony and terrace gardens too. 


  • Events

Commercial synthetic turf can be used to add the beauty and glamour to the event locations.  It is just an amazing look for the events and exhibits of all kinds. Besides the overall set up at your eye level or above the head the ground base décor is very important as well. The synthetic grass can bead easily to the venue that are used for the formal or informal events frequently. This adds a long term impression to the space and makes it look really impressive.

  • Educational institutions

The academic zones especially schools and nurseries can benefit from this kind of grass to a great deal. It is hard bearing and can withstand the rushing, running, kicking and playing of the young one very easily. There is no need to worry about the grass getting damaged easily.

  • Sports zones

The purpose of commercial synthetic turf was initially the appearance and the impression of these sports zones. From the gyms and clubs to the extensive sports areas this turf is used. The turf gives a safe play area. The players get the opportunity to stay safe from all kinds of injuries.  Unlike the natural grass that cannot tolerate the additional pressure this kind of grass is just the right choice for the playgrounds where you can play and run easily.



The artificial grass is a great solution for many settlements. It is a diverse way of giving life to the spaces including domestic and commercial premises. It is long lasting, all time green option to let you enjoy the freshness round the year. The maintenance and the care are not too hard to manage as well.