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If your little one’s birthday is around the corner, you ought to have organized something special. Children love to spend their birthday with friends and family, opening gifts, having fun and getting all the attention he could. So here are some of the fun things you can do to make his birthday extra special and to give him a story to share with his friends the next day at school.

  • Throw a surprise party
    Throwing a party may seem stressful but it actually isn’t, if you prepare well in advance and do it right. Make a list of all his friends, decide on a date and venue and invite them. You can have at your home or book a small restaurant. Pick a theme that will make the party interesting such as your child’s favourite cartoon character or general things such as butterflies, fairies or stars. You can call kids party catering Sydney services and arrange for some easy finger foods. Pick out the décor; don’t spend too much, a few balloons, ribbons and fairy lights will do the trick. Make sure you have a few adults to keep an eye on all the children.
  • Go camping
    If hiring a gourmet catering Sydney and throwing a birthday bash is not
  • wedding-hireyour thing, try camping. Pack your camping bags and take your whole family down to the local campground. If you don’t have such a campsite nearby, you can go camping even on your own backyard. Tell the kids to leave all electronic devices at home so that they don’t hang on their phones playing games the whole time. Instead, spend time lighting a bonfire,roasting marshmallows, looking at the stars etc.
  • Take a day trip
    Get in the car and head out of town for the day or entire weekend. You can visit special places such as museums, theatres, galleries or even Disney Land! Children love adventure parks so let him spend the entire day there. Buy him anything he wants; candy, funky sunglasses etc. If you like, you can ask some of your relatives or friends to join in, just to make him feel more special and loved.
  • Take her to a game
    If your child is a sports fan, there could be no better gift than taking him to his favourite ball game. If you are lucky, you may get some good deals on professional games. if the tickets are too expensive, you can still take him to a local game or high school match. He will equally enjoy it.