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There are times when both men and women face uncomfortable and truly vicious situations in life where people take physical advantages of them. Women often become the victim of such situations but that does not mean men do not too. However, if a person has to face such a situation he or she has all the right in the world to press charges against the person who did that to them.If someone is charged with such an accusation he or she has to hire the best sexual assault lawyers Parramatta to represent them. That is because sometimes even if no serious damage was done to the victim of the situation the accused could end up having to face a really long prison sentence if he or she does not have a good legal representative to defend him or her. There are two ways in which the accused can proceed with such a case.

Pleading Not GuiltyOne can address this case as someone who is not guilty of the charges presented. If you go with this option you have to face a full hearing at a court where you have to provide evidence to prove you are actually not guilty of the crime or crimes you are accused of. However, proving your case can be hard if you do not have the necessary witnesses and other proof. Usually, a good legal representative who has worked in such cases before will be able to come up with a strategy which can help you to win or even reduce the sentencing given to you. If the jury can be presented with reasonable doubt there is a chance of not actually being proven guilty in the end.

Pleading Guilty You can also plead guilty at the very beginning. This makes it not necessary for you to go for a full hearing. However, if you are going to plead guilty that should be something you do after consulting a good assault lawyer Sydney. Sometimes this can be the best way to deal with the situation. However, if you do have a good legal representative he or she can make a deal with the prosecution which is favourable for you. These charges are one of the most serious charges in the legal field. A person who is accused of such actions needs to have the best defence team. If not, he or she could end up in prison for a long time even if he or she is innocent of what he or she is accused of.lawyers-help