It is much easier to do your shopping at home. This is a popular form of shopping today but a few decades ago, this would have sounded ridiculous. No one would have thought that buying something online would be something they would do. The main reasons would be that they wouldn’t be able to trust anyone to hand over their credit card details and unless seeing something, you don’t really have an idea of the product. This changed when the internet became mainstream and more people began using it. Today, it is one of the largest industries and continues to grow. Online shopping has existed since 1994. Not as large scale as today but they were existing in small numbers and only a very few products were sold. Products such as chocolates and flowers were pioneering products in making online shopping grow. At the time many people couldn’t understand the concept and were afraid they would be conned and the way things were handled were much different to what it is today. It wasn’t seen as an industry that would grow but as an industry that would exit for the niche and only a handful of people sold and purchased online.

During this time companies such as eBay and Amazon were founded. They were founded as small companies but today, these company’s large warehouses with mezzanine floors and rows of products. Amazon initially sold books. These books were sold in bulk thereby earning a good profit for the owner, Jeff Bezos. The growth in the business led the company to start selling other products. This too turned out to be a success. So, overtime the company started increasing the products they were selling. Today, Amazon sells various good ranging from toys to jewelry and electronic items.

The site has a vast catalogue of both goods and services.As at today, Amazon is one of the largest tech companies along with being the largest retailer in the world, surpassing giants such as Walmart. Even Alibaba, another e-commerce sites has seen growing success in the industry. These companies have large warehouses with rows and rows of pallet racking and a large number of different products. They also ship all over the world with return policies and warranties for their products.Online shopping has seen significant growth thorough a short span of time. There are thousands and thousands of e-commerce sites today that sell various things. It has also become the most popular way of shopping. People can easily track their orders as well. This is an industry that has overcome all the odds.

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Do not take the time you have for granted You should always try and spend time with your family when you can. This is because as your kids get older they will become more independent and family time may not be one of their top priorities. Your kids may want to spend more time with their friends instead of with their parents and family. This is just a normal part of growing up so make sure that you make the most of the time that you have to spend time with your kids.

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